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PM Vol 17 No 101

PM Vol 17 No 101

PM Vol 17 No 101  Editor’s Note
Electric Cars Bringing a New Era for the Automotive Industry

pm101page0008There has been a lot of publicity about Tesla’s new electric car which has been a game-changer for the automotive industry. It has become the talk of the town revolutionizing manufacturing and fuel consumption. Discussions in the industry have been raised questioning whether this brings
opportunities or threats to manufacturers.

There have been three different types of motor vehicles since the 19th century including external combustion engines (steam powered), internal combustion engines (petrol, diesel and gas) and electric cars. In the past, there was great competition and development between internal and external combustion engines with little focus on electric vehicles. With advances in modern technology and a focus on being environmentally friendly, emphasis has been placed on the development of electric cars with a very exciting welcome from the world market. It is a new era for the automotive industry where we live in a world with fluctuating fuel prices and a focus on the effects of global warming.

With the longsighted vision of CEO Elon Musk, Tesla Motors have launched their first generation of electric cars with similar design to fueled power cars in design, driving performance and features. Tesla Motors is an American company pioneering the development of electric vehicles. The Tesla Roadster was the first fully electric model and gained interest across the world with 2,450 units sold. By 30 June 2016, Tesla Motors sold over 139,000 electric cars worldwide. In the future, the company may also implement an auto-pilot system. “There will be future cars that will be even more affordable down the road. With fourth generation and smaller cars and what not, we’ll ultimately be in a position where everyone can afford the car,” said Elon Musk in April this year.

The electric car is a new concept in the world of the automotive industry. There are now many models
available in the market such as the Nissan Leaf, Ford Focus Electric and the Tesla Model S. These vehicles not only save money, they also contribute towards a better environment. Electric cars are 100% eco-friendly running on a clean energy source without emissions of toxic gases or smoke. Electric vehicles are growing in popularity as an environmentally-friendly and a cost saving option.

The Thai government has developed policy to support electric cars with cooperation in many sectors and it is likely to receive positive feedback. It’s undoubted that electric cars are growing in popularity and will affect the automotive parts manufacturing industry in the near future affecting the country with changes in manufacturing. There is still time for manufacturers to adjust for the production of electric car parts or to produce devices in other industries. Opportunities or threats will be determined by a manufacturers ability to prepare, adjust or adapt to change.

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