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B-EN-G Thai’s IoT Facility Management Solution for Higher Productivity and Reliability

B-EN-G Thai's IoT Facility Management Solution for Higher Productivity and Reliability


B-EN-G Thai’s IoT Facility Management Solution for Higher Productivity and Reliability

‘B-EN-G Thai’s IoT Facility Management Solution for Higher Productivity and Reliability’

B-EN-G Thai's IoT facility management solution for Higher productivity and reliability for your existing machines


patlitebeng_how-to-make-simple-iot-at-production-sites_r6-1-11Announcing the Launch of B-EN-G Thai's Facility Management Solution: MCFrame SIGNAL CHAIN IoT infrastructure employing PATLITE Signal Tower to support improved productivity and reliability by monitoring the operating status of machines


Toyo Business Engineering (Thailand) Co., Ltd. (Ken Kitai, Managing Director, B-EN-G Thai), announced that "MCFrame SIGNAL CHAIN" will be released on September 12, 2016. This new product is a facility management solution for monitoring the operating status of factory machines through the use of the IoT (Internet of Things).


Use of the IoT is on the rise in Thailand, but the following issues are commonly encountered on the shop floor.

• It is hard to get a complete picture of the nature of IoT technology at first glance.


• Top management and Japanese headquarters say to use the IoT, but it is unclear where to start.


• Full-scale efforts to embrace the IoT turn into large projects that take years to implement and entail huge costs.


• Various IoT solutions are available, but it is not clear whether they are feasible, in what situations they can be used, or how quickly they can be adopted.


• With a mix of new and old machines from many different manufactures, it is difficult to decide what machine data to collect and how to utilize the data in overall management.



PATLITE's IoT Facility Management Solution for Higher Productivity and Reliability

To satisfy these needs, the developer Toyo Business Engineering Corporation (B-EN-G) began to offer a facility management solution in Japan in June 2016 that enables simple, immediate adoption of IoT technology. MCFrame SIGNAL CHAIN is an IoT infrastructure employing the PATLITE's "WD", a wireless communication system. By continuously working to improve the productivity and reliability of machines, MCFrame SIGNAL CHAIN supports the establishment of profit-generating processes.


Main Features of MCFrame SIGNAL CHAIN

• Able to be easily installed without any wiring work in the factory because the operation signal is automatically and wirelessly acquired from WD. Provides a dedicated application for entering records of machine trouble.


• Provides applications for various approaches such as Andon and KPI. Enables visualization of machine status through alerts and graphical representation with real-time batch monitoring from a web browser.


• Allows sorting and aggregation of machine status displays according to whichever aspect is most suitable: stop time, program change time, etc. Supports optimization of operations through analysis of machine operation.


Advantages of adopting MCFrame SIGNAL CHAIN

• Management of indices such as OEE (overall equipment effectiveness)*


• Visualization of operating status


• Leads to on-site KAIZEN


• Aggregation and sharing of workers' knowledge


At B-EN-G, we strive to develop products that utilize the IoT, and we plan to continue expanding the capabilities of this powerful product. New functions are planned for this fall as part of the next stage of development, including analysis of collected data, identification of reasons for discrepancies between expected and actual results, management of indices, and integration with MCFrame Production Management and Cost Management. Additional functions such as knowledge sharing, which utilize past accumulated data, are in the works. These will employ social networking services and image/video registration to enable analog data such as comments and explanations for breakdowns to be shared. Furthermore, this product may be installed separately and independently of the MCFrame Production Management and Cost Management systems.


*OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness)
Overall Equipment Effectiveness = availability × performance × quality.
A comprehensive indicator for measuring the operational efficiency of equipment.


For MCFrame SIGNAL CHAIN, please visit below site:


About Toyo Business Engineering Thailand Co., Ltd. (B-EN-G Thai)

toyo-business-engineering-thailandB-EN-G Thai is a subsidiary of Toyo Business Engineering Corporation (B-EN-G) and was established in 1999 in Bangkok. It's a business engineering firm with a prolific record cantered on Production and Cost Management, "MCFrame" and "A.S.I.A.", a compact ERP from IT planning and IT installation consulting to system construction services and operational services.


For more information please click here

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B-EN -Gタイ 、設備管理ソリューション 「MCFrame SIGNAL CHAIN 」


~パトライの  信号灯 を採用した  IoT 基盤が設備の 稼働状況をモニタリングし、 生産性と信頼向上を支援~


Toyo Business Engineering (Thailand) Co., Ltd. (東洋ビジネスエンジニアリングタイランド、Managing Director:喜多井健、以下B-EN-Gタイ)は、IoT(Internet of Things)を活用し、工場内の設備の稼働状況をモニタリングするための設備管理ソリューション、「MCFrame SIGNAL CHAIN」の提供を2016年9月12日より開始することを発表しました。



・ IoTってそもそもどんな技術なのか全体像が掴みにくい

・ トップや日本の本社からIoT活用せよといわれたが、何から始めてよいか分らない

・ 本格的なIoT化の取り組みは、膨大なコストと長い年月のかかる大プロジェクトとなる

・ 様々なIoTソリューションがあるようだが、どのような場合、直ぐに着手・活用できるのか分からない

・ 新旧の多種多様なメーカーの設備が混在するため、どんな設備データを収集して全体管理に活用するかの判断が難しい


開発元の東洋ビジネスエンジニアリング(以下B-EN-G)は、そのようなニーズに応え、IoTを直ぐ簡単に取り込むことができる設備管理ソリューションの提供を6月より日本国内で開始しています。「MCFrame SIGNAL CHAIN」は、株式会社パトライトのワイヤレス・データ通信システムのWDを採用したIoT基盤であり、設備の生産性向上と信頼性向上に継続的に取り組むことにより、利益を創出するプロセスの確立を支援いたします。


・ WDから無線で稼動信号を自動で取得するため、工場内配線工事をすることなく簡単に設置が可能。設備トラブルの実績記録用に、専用入力アプリを提供。

・ アンドンやKPIなど多彩な切り口のアプリケーションを提供。設備状況はWebブラウザからリアルタイムで一括監視し、直感的なグラフ表現やアラートで見える化。

・ 設備状況の表示は、停止時間、段取り替え時間など自由な切り口で分類・集計。設備の稼動分析によりオペレーションの効率化を支援。


「MCFrame SIGNAL CHAIN」の導入メリット

・設備総合効率(OEE)※ をはじめとする指標の管理









※設備総合効率(overall equipment effectiveness, OEE)
設備総合効率 = 稼働率 x 性能 x 品質 設備の稼動効率を測る総合指標


■ WDについて

製品の詳細な仕様については、 をご覧ください。


■ MCFrameについて

製品の詳細な仕様については、 をご覧ください。


■  東洋ビジネスエンジニアリングタイランド(B-EN-Gタイ)について

東洋ビジネスエンジニアリングタイランドの詳細は、 をご覧ください。


東洋ビジネスエンジニアリング株式会社  業務管理本部  広報  猪野  肇
電話: 03 -3510 -1615 /


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Toyo Business Engineering (Thailand) Co., Ltd. 電話: 02 -661 -9805 /E-mail:sales



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