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Education is Foundation for Lead Position

Education is Foundation for Lead Position

    特別インタビュー | SPECIAL INTERVIEW   
Education is Foundation for Lead Position
Asia Pacific Plant Management Magazine jUNE-JULY 2016


Dr. Paul James Robere, president of Robere & Associates (Thailand), has been based in Thailand since 1988 when he came to set up a manufacturing facility. Working in manufacturing, productivity improvement and helping companies to save money, he also works with the American Chamber of Commerce and belongs to a committee that educates people who want to do business in Thailand. With his interesting background, Asia Pacific Plant Management met with Dr. Robere who shared a fact that surprised us and even himself that Thailand has been really behind in relation to the AEC. However, he still believes that Thailand can be center of ASEAN with its wonderful talented workforce.

Education is Foundation for Lead PositionThailand has a long way to go to start positioning itself as a leader in the AEC. What we have to do is to maximize our existing resources, especially our workforce. From his experience, he found that most factories identify their staff by a number which reduce the value of each individual. They consistently think of workers as a tool. The reality is staff are not just numbers and have good ideas to help businesses progress. Thailand’s industry must change the way they manage their staff by getting people involved in the development process of companies.


The greatest strength of Thailand is people and it has been the reason why Dr. Robere has lived in Thailand since 1988. There is an abundance of personnel with skills. The development of people as a resource gets back to education, training and involvement. Companies usually put training and education at the bottom of the list while these can promote professional growth. “I think one thing that really keeps Thailand developed is investment in education and training. If you provide people the tools and the freedom, you can do what you want to do. The challenge is to create ‘thinking outside the proverbial box’. In my view, you can buy tool, equipment or factory but you cannot do anything when you truly do not have staff to do that,” said Dr. Robere.


Thai StudentWhen asked what quality management is, he said there are four parts; quality planning, quality control, quality assurance and quality improvement. Without quality management, people will produce the same products or provide the same services without progression or improvement so implementation of quality management is necessary for companies. Quality improvement is the most important thing for continuous improvement in an organization. Collecting data, analyzing and making decisions will make a consistent improvement.


Quality management must begin at the top level of the country which will improve Thailand’s position in the world. Thailand can be the leader of AEC because we have leadership, skills and everything necessary here. “I will donate the rest of my life to make it happen. If you give people their opportunity, challenge and recognition to do great things, you can raise Thailand up to be the leader of AEC,” Dr. Robere still believes in the potential of Thailand.





Education is Foundation for Lead Positionタイは、AECのリーダーとして自分自身の位置を付け、長い道に成長してきました。私たちがしなければならないことは、既存の資源を私たちの労働力で最大限に活用することだ。彼の経験によると、ほとんどの工場は、彼らのスタッフの個々才能より、小さく認識していることが分かった。彼らは常に労働者が単なるツールとして使うと考えている。しかし、事実は、スタッフが単なる数だけではなく、事業の進捗状況を助けるために良いアイデアを提供する役割でもある。タイの産業は、企業の開発プロセスにより多くの人々が関わるよう、そのスタッフの管理方法を変更する必要がある。







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