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Konecranes’ advanced SMARTON crane

New high-tech features extend the safety and efficiency capabilities of Konecranes’ advanced SMARTON crane

Konecranes is introducing new high-tech features to its advanced SMARTON® overhead crane, which is designed for heavy duty applications, demanding processes, assembly and maintenance. These new updates improve safety and efficiency by focusing on improving the user interface for crane operators, customer service crews and customer management.


Konecranes SMARTON ‘crane with a brain’

The new SMARTON includes for example a tablet, which is improves the user experience. The tablet makes crane operation easier and more productive as the operator receives crane and process related information directly to the tablet and is able to make adjustments to the crane. Optional camera views for safer and more effective load handling are also available. The SMARTON tablet is connected wirelessly to the crane control system providing advanced crane condition data in real-time for the maintenance personnel.

“The SMARTON includes Smart Features and TRUCONNECT® Remote Services, available to improve safety and productivity of the customer’s lifting processes,” says Tero Jaakkola, Konecranes Product Manager, Advanced Heavy Duty Cranes

“SMARTON makes it now even easier to tailor solutions for customers who want to get the benefits of the latest technology and have safety and a Total Cost of Ownership approach as part of their ‘DNA’. With flagship products like SMARTON, we want to make sure customers who need advanced technology in their operations get it.”

Konecranes has sold SMARTON cranes since 2009 to 48 countries. The main industries using the crane are paper, automotive, power and steel, with other customers from general manufacturing and mining. As customer needs vary considerably from industry to industry, as well as from one location to another, there is a clear need for a product that adapts to these different requirements.

SMARTON’s new control system and software architecture improves not only the flexibility of the design, testing and manufacturing, but also start-up and maintenance activities. Due to the standardized architecture, automation, remote services and user interface equipment are scalable and thus suitable for everything from assembly duty industrial cranes to heavy, demanding process cranes.

View the SMARTON Video here:

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