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Pioneers of Thermal Process Technology

StrikoWestofen Shows New Products for Light Metal Construction


Pioneers of Pioneers of Thermal Process Technology


‘StrikoWestofen shows new products for light metal construction at die-casting congress in Yokohama’


【Shanghai, October 2016】 - Innovations required: the worldwide trend towards lightweight construction in the automotive field is putting the aluminium casting industry under pressure. This is because, in spite of the rising demands made on the components, they must remain economical at all times. Here, the globally active StrikoWestofen Group is glad to assume the pioneer role in the Asian area too. This is why, from 24 to 26 November, the manufacturer of thermal process technology will be presenting tried-and-tested products as well as innovations for light metal casting on the occasion of the “2016 Japan Die-Casting Congress & Exposition” in Yokohama. Specialist visitors will find StrikoWestofen at booth D12.




Lighter, stronger, cheaper: these are the demands that automotive companies expect modern car chassis and body parts to meet. For manufacturers of thermal process technology, the rising demands are primarily innovation drivers. This is also true for the StrikoWestofen Group. The globally active company with its headquarters in Gummersbach (Germany) is part of the “Light Metal Casting Solutions Group” (LMCS), which also includes names such as Gauss Automation and Italpresse. The group envisions a modern, highly efficient, automated light metal foundry: “Our mission is to connect state-of-the-art technology with maximum economic efficiency. This is true for our entire portfolio, so it includes melting and dosing furnaces as well as transport and heat treatment systems,” explains Rainer Erdmann, Managing Director for StrikoWestofen Asia. On the occasion of the “Japan Die-Casting Congress & Exposition”, the company wants to present the systems it produces to experts from the sector in East Asia.


An Investment that Helps You to Save

This year, too, around 130 exhibitors are presenting their products in the exhibition halls of the “Pacifico Yokohama” congress centre. The worldwide management of StrikoWestofen can be found at booth D12, which the company shares with Tanabe Engineering Corporation. Here StrikoWestofen can show process technology for all fields of light metal casting: “StrikoMelter” melting furnaces, the closed melt transport system “Schnorkle” or the “Westomat” series of dosing furnaces are now to convince the Japanese specialist audience of their merits. Economic aspects as well as the quality of the resulting cast parts play a role here: “In the automotive field in particular, quality is a by-word for safety. With the right technical equipment, light metal foundries even achieve first-class products in an especially economical way,” points out Yoichiro Sakai, General Manager of StrikoWestofen Nippon. Investments in new systems often pay for themselves after only one year, he explains. For example, a StrikoMelter only consumes 489 kWh/t at a metal yield of 99.75 percent. “This means that even the very first substep in the foundry process is a money-saver. Just by switching to our technology, Aluminium casters improve their profit line by 1-2 percentage points. For us, future foundries must be both economical and ecological. Key-word is a green and clean foundry,” Sakai adds.


With over than 400 Westomat already sold in Japan, the dosing furnace is now the national market leader. StrikoMelter and all other systems of the manufacturer are also available in Japan as of immediately.More information on the portfolio and the international range of services provided by StrikoWestofen Nippon Ltd. can be requested by Mr. Sakai under the following telephone number (+81 8093452358) or by e-mail (


Upcoming Events
11 November

Green Foundry Forum – How to maximize profit in the foundry
Amata Spring Country Club Chonburi, Thailand


24-26 November

2016 Japan Die Casting Congress & Exposition in Yokohama

Meet the experts: Hall D Booth 12





【上海 2016年10月】 - 如今,汽车领域的全球轻型结构趋势使铝铸行业日渐面临创新的压力。原因在于,尽管汽车行业对组件的需求在上升,但他们必须同时保持经济性。在这一背景下,拥有全球影响力的史杰克西集团长久以来承担着亚洲地区的业内模范企业作用。同时,自11月24日至26日,史杰克西作为热处理技术制设备造商将会在横滨“2016年日本压铸展会”上展示轻金属铸件领域经过实践检验的产品以及创新解决方案。访客届时可在D12展台光临史杰克西。


更轻量、更强韧、更经济——这些是汽车公司对于现代汽车底盘和车身部件的期望和要求。对于热处理技术设备制造商而言,不断上升的需求是创新的主要推动力。这同样适用于史杰克西集团。这家拥有全球影响力的公司总部设在古默斯巴赫(德国),隶属于“轻金属铸造解决方案集团”(LMCS),该集团总公司下属成员还包括高斯自动化和意特佩雷斯。集团专注于现代化、高效、自动化的轻金属铸造。“我们的使命是将最先进的技术和最大化的经济效益结合起来。我们整个资产组合都遵循这一使命,由熔化和定量炉以及转水包和热处理系统组成。”史杰克西亚洲区总经理Rainer Erdmann先生表示。值此“日本压铸展会”之际,公司希望将其生产的系统进一步推介给东亚的业内专家。




今年,大约130家参展商在横滨太平洋会展中心出展。史杰克西的全球管理层会在与田边工程公司共享的D12展位与大家见面。在此,史杰克西可以显示轻金属铸造所有领域的工艺:StrikoMelter熔炉,封闭转水包 “Schnorkle”或“Westomat”系列的定量炉将向日本的专业观众呈现其优点。经济因素以及与此相关的铸造零件质量起到了重要作用。史杰克西日本总经理Yoichiro Sakai先生指出:“尤其是在汽车领域,质量是安全的代名词。有了相应的技术设备,轻金属铸造厂甚至能以非常经济的方式生产一流的产品。”他解释说,对新系统的投资通常仅一年之后就可以回本。例如,StrikoMelter的能耗只有489千瓦时/吨,金属成品率为99.75%。“这意味着铸造过程在一开始就是省钱的工具。通过改用我们的技术,铝铸造可以提高1-2个百分点的利润。对我们来说,未来的铸造厂必须同时具有经济性和生态性。关键词是绿色清洁的铸造厂。”Sakai先生补充道。


公司已经在日本销售超过400多个Westomat, 该定量炉现在是日本市场的领导者。StrikoMelter和所有其他系统也可以立即在日本出售。欲了解史杰克西日本有限公司成品组合和国际服务的更多信息,请通过电话 (+81 8093452358)或电子邮件(联系Sakai先生。










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