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StrikoWestofen Brings 60 Years’ Experience and Innovation to the Foundry Industry at VDMA Mechanical Engineering Summit China 2016

StrikoWestofen Mechanical Engineering


StrikoWestofen Brings 60 Years’ Experience and Innovation to the Foundry Industry at VDMA Mechanical Engineering Summit China 2016


‘StrikoWestofen leads discussion of structural changes and transformation of China’s manufacturing industry and the mechanical engineering sector’


November 18, 2016, Shanghai – StrikoWestofen, the global leader in the supply of industrial melting furnaces, recently participated in the 5th VDMA Mechanical Engineering Summit China 2016 in Shanghai, leading a discussion of the latest trends in China’s machinery manufacturing industry and building a platform for German enterprises operating in China to exchange ideas on products and technologies and strengthen cooperation between manufacturers and suppliers. The 2016 summit was attended by more than 110 top executives from member companies. The lead topic at this year’s summit was “Structural Changes in Mechanical Engineering and New Economic Policies in China,” with Prof. Dr. Sebastian Heilmann, the founding President of the Mercator Institute for China Studies (MERICS) in Berlin and consultant to German Chancellor Merkel, delivering a keynote speech.

StrikoWestofen was invited to be presented as a success case study in the mechanical engineering industry. Mr. Rainer Erdmann, Managing Director of StrikoWestofen Asia, briefed participants on challenges faced by the foundry market brought by China’s “new normal“ economic environment and demand for lightweight automotive materials.  Mr. Erdmann also presented StrikoWestofen’s success experience in China and the details of how its leading products and technologies have helped to accelerate energy efficiency and emissions reductions for Chinese foundries, leading to the company’s achievement of growth milestones.


Adjusting the business model and product structure to accommodate transformation of China’s manufacturing industry

Amid China’s “new normal” business environment, the foundry market has experienced severe challenges including overcapacity, a slowdown in demand, increasingly stringent regulations and customer demands for higher quality that have resulted in over 25% of foundries in China closing.  At the same time, China has evolved from a low technology and mass production orientation to highly diversified, strategic engineering region. In order to address the changing market requirements and to meet changing demands throughout the Asia Pacific region, StrikoWestofen developed PowerMelter®, a series of highly efficient, environment-friendly and durable furnaces that were completely designed and produced by StrikoWestofen’s team in China.


Unlike other products which are designed in Germany and produced in China, the PowerMelter® series was entirely designed and made by the China team on its own,” said Mr. Erdmann. “More importantly, it is also StrikoWestofen’s China team that advances the technology and pioneers concepts of work/energy efficiency applications.


StrikoWestofen developed the PowerMelter® in order to satisfy customer requests for a melting furnace with a lower capacity for lower volume market foundries, such as are typical in the Guangdong, China region. StrikoWestofen products perfectly meet the requirements of the structural changes in the Chinese market, providing the most efficient solutions for foundries. The company’s product advantages include the industry’s lowest energy consumption, highest uptime, lowest emissions levels, and lowest metal loss with a focus on resources optimization.


Taking root in the Asian market and expanding strategic cooperation

According to recent data, there has been a steady rise in the demand for die-casting in Asia Pacific market, with double-digit growth expected in the near future. This growth is the primary stimulus for StrikoWestofen’s development in Asia.


Nearly two-thirds of foreign companies doing business in China are finding the business environment is becoming increasingly difficult,” added Erdmann. “However, even if there is a measurable decrease in foreign investments in China in favor of investment in ASEAN countries, the machinery and automotive sectors are still optimistic for their growth over the next two years.  With this in mind, in order to provide customers with faster and more convenient distribution, maintenance and aftersales services, StrikoWestofen has continued to invest in the region with the opening of new offices in Thailand and Japan.


Our Tokyo office will be headed by Mr. Yoichiro Sakai who has been appointed as the General Manager. Mr. Sakai was graduated from Friedrich-Alexander University Enlangen Nürnberg in Germany (Major: Economics). He worked several years in Germany and then moved to Japan with key role position in HQ of a multi international enterprise in Tokyo.


This is a great example of StrikoWestofen’s expansion into new geographies coming to fruition to ensure our end-customers in Japan have full confidence of our on-going dedication to local expertise, market insight, service and support.  Our local office enables us to better support the needs of our distributor and their end-customers while making our services easily accessible to a market that is increasingly focused on more energy efficiency and highly productive processes.” said Mr. Yoichiro Sakai.


The address of Tokyo office is Shin-Aoyama Building West 23F 2358, Minami Aoyama 1-1-1 Minato-ku Tokyo, Post Code 107-0062, Japan.


Green Foundry Forum Building StrikoWestofen Melting Technology as Industry Standard

Energy efficiency and sustainability from the environmental perspective is a key principle that foundries should strive to follow as part of an environmental, social and governance (ESG) corporate framework.


Next month in September, both StrikoWestofen and Tanabe Engineering will be holding the Green Foundry Forum in Tokyo (September 8th) and Nagoya (September 9th) that will introduce new melting technology for the foundry industry, and touch on the theme that highly efficient technology is not only a crucial competitive factor but is environmentally friendly with corresponding reductions in CO2 and gas consumption.


The event will be hosted by Mr. Yoichiro Sakai, General Manager of StrikoWestofen Nippon in tandem with Mr. Yoshio Mochiku Senior Technical Advisor, Tanabe Engineering. Other key speakers will be including Professor Naomi Nishi from the Institute of Technologists Japan.


Later in November 2016, both StrikoWestofen and Tanabe Engineering will participate in the ‘2016 JAPAN DIE CASTING CONGRESS & EXPOSITION’ held at Pacifico Yokohama to introduce the products of StrikoWestofen. This event held every two years is organized by the Japan Die Casting Association and is the only and largest event on the die casting industry in Japan. It will feature about 130 manufacturers exhibiting their latest equipment and products attended largely by involved with the die casting industry.


For registration or more info about the upcoming seminars in Japan, please contact 


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