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The Government’s Insight Towards The Era of Machines

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The Government’s Insight Towards The Era of Machines
Asia Pacific Plant Management Magazine JUNE-JuLY 2016 Issue 100

According to the Department of Industrial Works of Thailand, the total amount of registered ownership in machinery skyrocketed reaching 34 billion baht during the first 5 months of this year representing an increase of 8% compared to the same period of the previous year. This might be valuable evidence to witness the growth of machinery usage in industries across Thailand.

Director-general of the Department of Industrial Works Pasu Loharjun gave a short interview with APM to update us with an overview and express his opinions towards the current situation of industries. “From January to May 2016, 508 manufacturers registered 3,353 machines which is a good sign for better economic prospects,” said the director general. Machines have become crucial in mass production to meet consumer demand, maintain precise quality of products and reduce long-term costs. Metal working, plastic and printing are considered as fierce competitive markets and are unsurprisingly ranked top three in machine registrations since these industries require precision and innovation to develop products.

Large players in industries are able to manage and support advanced technologies; however, due to limited assets and orders, most SMEs are not in the same position. Consequently, the government aims to focus more on supporting SMEs in this fiscal year since they account for the majority of manufacturers in Thailand. Director-general Pasu clarified the policy to assist SMEs. Focused on promoting investment, the government has prepared a project to help Thai manufacturers which will become effective this June. The project is divided into two parts. “Change machine into money” will offer loans to invest in new machines by using old machines as collateral for 500 entrepreneurs each year and “readjust machines” will offer monetary grants to upgrade old machines for 1,000 entrepreneurs each year. The project has been launched to stimulate investment in machinery by SMEs allowing them compete in current markets. Furthermore, using new automation processes will also decrease energy consumption and environmental costs. Investment in new technology will correlate to increased innovation which is the main key to turning raw materials into higher value-added products, higher profits and healthier economic systems.


Pasu Loharjun, director-general of the Department of Industrial Works

Despite the benefits, there are some people that see investment in machinery as a wasteful move. Director-general Pasu elaborated “It depends on what kind of business. If the product needs to be originally unique and require classic processes, then automation machines might not be the solution because consumers expect the emotional value of products rather than latest technology in production. In contrast, mass production needs to reach international standards so processes must be precise, accurate and fast. Applying machines in production lines will surely reduce costs in the long term”.

The cooperation between public and private sectors is essential to drive the country and the project appears to be another good move from the government. In the current situation of economic downturn, this project provides a good chance for Thai manufacturers to move forward investing in new production technology to claim the status as the production hub of Asean in many sectors. As they say “Turn crisis into opportunity”.



産業省局長のPasu Loharjunさんは、APMとの短いインタビューを行い、現在の産業状況について、概要や状況更新等、彼の意見を語った。〝1月から2016年5月に、508のメーカーが3353マシンを登録した為、これはより良い経済を見通し、良い兆候であった〝局長が説明した。マシンは、消費者の需要を満たす為に大量生産において非常に重要になり、製品の高精品質を維持し、長期的なコスス削減に貢献できる。金属加工、プラスチックおよび印刷は、激しい競争市場とみなされ、当然マシンの登録でトップ3にランクされている。なぜなら、これらの産業は製品開発の為に精度と技術革新を必要だ。







公共部門と民間部門の協力が国を駆動するために不可欠だ。そして、プロジェクトは政府から良いけん引であると思われる。現状での景気低迷は、このプロジェクトを通して、タイの製造業者のための良い機会を提供し、新しい生産技術への投資を前向きに検討し、多く企業の生産拠点におけるのアセアンのH U B 地位として主張できるよう、危機をチャンスに活かすと言えるように挑戦する。

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