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Toshiba Launches Bipolar Stepping Motor Driver with Maximum Rating of 40V and 1.8A

Toshiba Launches Bipolar Stepping Motor Driver with Maximum Rating of 40V and 1.8A


Toshiba Launches Bipolar Stepping Motor Driver with Maximum Rating of 40V and 1.8A

‘Toshiba Launches Bipolar Stepping Motor Driver with Maximum Rating of 40V and 1.8A : high performance motor drives for varied applications.’

TOKYO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Sep. 13, 2016 Toshiba Corporation’s (TOKYO: 6502) Storage & Electronic Devices Solutions Company today announced the launch of “TB62269FTAG,” a bipolar stepping motor driver offering a 40V high voltage and 1.8A current. Mass production starts at the end of this month.


120-degreeHigh speed, high performance motor drives are required for applications including 3D printers, office automation equipment, banking terminals such as ATMs, banknote identification machines, amusement machines, and home appliances. In parallel, the downsizing of equipment is being accelerated by customer demand for space-saving equipment with excellent design. Measures to reduce products’ internal heat and power consumption are also growing in importance.


The new motor driver has a QFN32 package, smaller than the QFN48 package housing Toshiba’s current product, “TB62269FTG.” This size reduction will contribute to space saving on the PCB.


Toshiba will continue to enhance its product line-up and to meet diverse requirements for motor drive applications.

Main Features of New Product

90-degree1. Low heat generation – Heat generation is reduced by low on resistance (0.8Ω or less, upper + lower).

2. Low vibration and low noise – High-resolution 1/32 step (max.) motor drive technology reduces vibration and noise.

3. Small package – Heat treatment of the equipment and the module can be simplified by adopting a small, high-heat-radiation QFN32 package. This also downsizes the IC and reduces the cost.

4. Built-in error detection circuits.


A thermal shutdown circuit and an overcurrent shutdown circuit contribute to equipment safety and reliability with the signals they output at the design stage.



3D printers, amusement machines (pachinko and slot machines), home appliances (refrigerators and air conditioners), industrial equipment (banking terminals such as ATMs), office and factory automation equipment).


Main Specifications of New Product

Product name:  TB62269FTAG

Control: I/F CLK-IN

Absolute maximum ratings: 40V, 1.8A

Package: QFN32 (size: 5mm×5mm×1mm, pin pitch: 0.5 mm)

Other features:
– Built-in error detection functions (thermal shutdown circuit and overcurrent shutdown circuit).

– Error detection signal output function (ERR output).

– Supports the power-on sequence by the single power drive

Mass production End of September, 2016 • Management of indices such as OEE (overall equipment effectiveness)*
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